Why We Are Different

Every wealth management firm claims that it brings something unique to the table. In this saturated environment, how does a potential client separate fact from fiction? Our solution is three-pronged:  commitment, communication and a common-sense investment philosophy, backed by Nobel Prize-winning economic science.

MainLine Private Wealth starts with a promise. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of duty and care: we act as a fiduciary to each of our clients. As a federally-registered investment adviser, the law requires it (unlike broker-dealers or unregistered financial planners); more importantly, our culture demands it. We commit that we will act only in your best interest, disclose any potential conflicts that may arise, and continually monitor not only your investments, but also the changing landscape of the financial markets and your personal financial life.  Our first meeting marks the beginning of a long-standing relationship where MainLine Private Wealth sits on your side of the table and provides unfiltered advice.

We recognize that questions and issues do not always synch with quarterly meetings and having an advisor on call at any time is a necessity, not a luxury. We make ourselves available to our clients whenever needed – 24/7. You are our top priority and you can count on the team at MainLine Private Wealth to respond to your concerns whenever they arise.

We believe that our commitment, communication and tenacity set MainLine Private Wealth apart from many competitors. We are a fiduciary to our clients and always puts the client’s interests first. In an industry of carbon copies, we are an independent firm providing an ideal client experience, complete transparency, a sound investment strategy, sophisticated reporting and investment professionals who are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and engaged. Finally, our firm was built on integrity and trust. We will be honest and straightforward with you, and our word will always be our bond.


MainLine Private Wealth was founded on the ideals of trust and integrity, so you can always count on us to be the advisor who sits on your side of the table.