How We Invest

MainLine Private Wealth’s focus on the client experience begins with our discussion and planning process and continues as we employ our investment strategy. Our personalized approach provides a highly customized investment plan that evaluates your risk tolerance, expectation of return and specific time horizon. This personalized portfolio construction provides you with a plan that is uniquely tailored to meet your goals and objectives.


Our team of experienced professionals employs a rigorous and transparent investment process. We utilize an institutional approach of allocating the core long investment strategy on a passive basis. At the foundation of this investment approach is low-cost indexing, with an investment allocation constructed on a customized basis for each client.

When appropriate, we supplement the core of MainLine Private Wealth’s investment strategy by deploying capital into hedge funds, real estate, private equities and/or individual bond portfolios. We meticulously perform due diligence on all of our recommended investments, ensuring that they are fully vetted before we integrate them into our investment platform.  Through this diversified investment approach, we believe risk is managed and market volatility is more effectively mitigated.


MainLine Private Wealth is committed to its investment strategy. In difficult markets, many firms begin to chase short-term performance and trends, with the result that these firms often drift away from their professed investment strategies.

At MainLine Private Wealth, our core investment philosophy derives from the research of Eugene Fama, a 2013 Nobel laureate in economic sciences, sometimes referred to as the “father of modern finance”.  In short, Fama’s research – which is now over 40 years old – asserts that market prices in the short-term are not predictable.  The important implication of this conclusion is that any attempt to “beat” the market is futile and that paying for it hurts returns.

Our approach is to utilize low-cost index funds, which are more representative of the market as a whole.  We work to achieve the delicate balance between maintaining a strong core passive investment strategy, while staying abreast of current trends. We are committed to our approach and have the tenacity and grit to withstand the most tumultuous market volatility.


Investing in securities involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no guarantee that goals and objectives will be achieved. 


MainLine Private Wealth was founded on the ideals of trust and integrity, so you can always count on us to be the advisor who sits on your side of the table.