Coupled with outstanding client service and the highest standard of duty and care, MainLine Private Wealth also provides industry leading analytics and reporting.  We deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to help clients manage their financial landscape and make informed and educated choices.

Utilizing advanced investment analytics, such as returns-based style analysis, historical portfolio modeling and Monte Carlo simulations, we are able to provide a thorough comparison on both an individual security and portfolio level. In order to deliver the best the industry has to offer, we focus on low-cost passive investing and sophisticated wealth planning to help you protect and grow your wealth.  We evaluate each client’s portfolio holistically, utilizing our deep planning expertise and recognizing that often decisions about your investment strategy may affect your cash flow, taxable income, insurance and estate planning requirements.

As a new client, you may come to us with highly competent accountants, attorneys and consultants, and our goal is to work alongside these trusted professionals to develop strategies that align with your goals and objectives.

Portfolio Analysis

Our holistic review of your assets begins with a pragmatic look at your current asset base.  By reviewing all of your assets, we are able to provide you with specific recommendations for your portfolio moving forward.  We begin by reverse engineering your current investments with particular attention paid to the allocation, styles and asset classes, investment vehicles, fees, tax implications and the quality of performance provided.  Then, we provide a detailed cash flow analysis specific to your income and asset base.  Finally, we provide recommended portfolio allocations with a goal toward improved performance and lower standard deviation in order to better equip you to meet your goals.


MainLine Private Wealth was founded on the ideals of trust and integrity, so you can always count on us to be the advisor who sits on your side of the table.