Allocation and Repositioning

The quantitative process that MainLine Private Wealth undertakes for its clients is anchored in all ways by the traditional process of institutional analysis.  As a part of that process, our team of professionals uses sophisticated analytical tools to evaluate a client’s existing portfolio in order to fully understand the key data points.  Once we have defined the vital metrics for volatility and the risk-adjusted estimated return expectation, the process of repositioning begins.

MainLine Private Wealth then recommends multiple repositioning strategies in order to demonstrate the relationship between risk and return.  This new allocation is then implemented over an agreed upon timeline with consideration given to taxation issues, liquidity needs, market outlook and current portfolio construction.

Strategic Review

Conduct a holistic financial review in order to understand your goals and objectives and create a plan accordingly.  This evaluation of your existing assets, managers and investment strategy aid us in establishing the next steps.

Portfolio Construction

Formulate a new investment strategy that incorporates your needs and specific time horizons.  Analyze your current assets to develop return & volatility metrics. We will then review our analysis and recommendations with you to ensure the portfolio and strategy achieve both your fiscal and psychological requirements.


Our team will then execute the implementation plan with careful consideration to cost, time horizon and tax implications.


Finally, your advisor will meet with you throughout the year in order to provide a clear, comprehensive report that inventories all assets and demonstrates account and position level specificity as it relates to the performance of your entire portfolio.  These periodic meetings provide an environment of discussion regarding current market conditions and changes to your financial plan.


Investing in securities involves risk. Although past performance is often used as a measure to model return expectations, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.


MainLine Private Wealth was founded on the ideals of trust and integrity, so you can always count on us to be the advisor who sits on your side of the table.